What is the Food System Economics Commission?


The Food System Economics Commission (FSEC) is an independent academic commission set-up to equip political and economic decision makers with tools and evidence to shift food and land use systems.

Our goal is to create the right support tools and metrics for the policy and investment community to drive urgent change in food and land use systems with a view to creating a longer term knowledge platform which can continue bringing forward this agenda.


We want to support, globally and locally, the transition towards healthy, inclusive and sustainable food systems.


The Commission will set out intervention options for different policy environments, based on comprehensive economic assessments and different political economy considerations.

We will integrate a deep understanding of the dynamic factors that might either reinforce or hinder policy effectiveness in certain contexts. This includes subsidy reforms that support nature while being acceptable and fair to farming communities, or trade reforms that ensure that we have the right balance of local and global to deliver resilient and sustainable food systems.


FSEC develops rigorous recommendations that are based on intellectual independence and robust scientific evidence.

Economic decision-makers need better tools and more detailed and robust evidence assessing the implications of the policy and investment decisions needed to foster a food system transformation. Without more rigorous analysis and tools, some fundamental challenges in advocating and designing policies will remain unaddressed.

FSEC is:

  1. Integrating evidence – across dimensions of environment, health, inclusion and resilience – and economic tools to assess trade-offs of transition pathways.

  2. Focusing on system-settings – Targeting levers such as policies, incentives and behaviour change, and integrating political economy considerations.

  3. Providing accessible and actionable information – so that decision-makers can feasibly implement policy reforms and investment decisions

Core Conveners

FOLU Logo.png

The Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU) is a community of organisations and individuals committed to the urgent need to transform the way we produce and consume food and use our land for people, nature and climate. We support science-based solutions and help build a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities to unlock collective, ambitious action. We build on the work of the Food, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Land Use and Energy (FABLE) Consortium teams which operate in more than 20 countries.

EAT is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming our global food system through sound science, impatient disruption and novel partnerships. Our vision is a fair and sustainable food system for healthy people and planet – leaving no one behind.

The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) contributes knowledge to the global scientific community by way of publications in high-ranking peer-reviewed international journals and engagement in numerous partnerships and networks. Its main methods are integrated and complex systems analysis and data integration; numerical simulations are run on our own super computer. The institute also actively provides insights to decision-makers in policy, business, and society as a whole. This is science – for a safe tomorrow.

FSEC receives funding from: